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Motability Information for Carers

If you are acting on behalf of a disabled person, a Motability car might help you give them more freedom. Vehicles can be driven by two named drivers (a third can be added for an additional cost) for the disabled person’s benefit.

A carer can help the Motability recipient apply to the scheme and choose a car, but they cannot be legally responsible for the lease agreement unless they are an appointee or a corporate appointee. An appointee is someone who is solely responsible for collecting a disabled person’s benefits and deciding on how they should be used, and is often a family member or a charity.

A Motability agreement cannot be discussed with anyone besides the customer unless they are named as a nominee on the lease agreement. Nominees can make minor changes, and can be added by completing a nominee form on the Motability website.

Not sure whether you are an appointee? You need to contact the DWP on 03457 123456 or Veterans UK on 0808 191 4218.